Who am I?   Carol Saunders LRPS, a Photographer based in the beautiful City of St. Albans, Hertfordshire, just off Junction 22 on the M25 to be precise.

Having attained a few City & Guilds certificates many years ago and more recently a Licientiate with the Royal Photographic Society,  there's rarely a day when I'm without a camera in my hand.  I started off using film cameras and developing and printing my own images - if this makes me sound ancient I'm not - it's just that technology is changing so rapidly!  Printing my own images and watching them come to life in a tray of developer was amazing and also very addictive.  Many a late night was spent in a darkroom - nowadays that darkroom has changed to a computer!

Photographs are timeless memories whether of people or of nature.

I am a member of the Society for International Wildlife & Nature and have gained a Licentiate in Wildlife Photography with this organisation.  Maybe you have seen me at one of our beautiful parks.  For wildlife photography I use a rather long lens - you will probably see that before spotting me !

Wildlife is a major passion of mine, to see some of my wildlife and nature images, please click on 
 and follow the appropriate links.

I love chocolate - yes I am human !

Where do I find inspiration ?  It's all around !

I hope that you enjoy viewing my images as much as I enjoyed taking them.

My website will be updated on a regular basis, I hope you continue to visit......